Document Based Questions

  • Please Note:  Grade level “DBQs” are available in the drop down menu under each specific grade level.
  • The Document Based Questions available on represent work done by Northern Nevada teachers. Background information included on this page is taken from the DBQ Project.  

Introduction to the Document Based Question

Why DBQ’s ?
• DBQs address Common Core State Standards in Language, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
       – Students analyze primary and secondary sources.
       – Students identify point of view and assess its importance as they weigh evidence.
       – Students wrestle with conflicting perspectives and look for ways in which different documents support claims.
       – Students draw inferences.
       – Students use factual evidence to write evidence-based, argument essays.

• Teachers can differentiate their instruction while maintaining rigor for all students.

• Many teachers and districts are finding that The DBQ Project improves writing and reading scores.

Why Students like The DBQ Project

• Questions are interesting.
• There is is nothing like success in an authentic, demanding task. As Thomas Paine said, “What we obtain to cheap, we esteem too lightly.”

• Questions demand that students take and defend a position.

Why Teachers like The DBQ Project

• DBQs help teachers differentiate their instruction because they are written at two levels.


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