Permission Statements for using Project Tahoe’s Resources

Projecttahoe was designed by teachers for teachers. The resources we post here are intended to be used in the classroom or for educational purposes. Below are our permissions statements. Please read these carefully, especially if you are a teacher, administrator, professional developer, or publisher.

  • If you are a teacher planning to use any of the resources found at Projecttahoe with your K-16 students, you do not need to request permission to reprint or share Projecttahoe materials; the intent of this website is to provide lesson ideas and resources for teachers to reproduce freely. This same rule applies for home-schoolers.
  • If you are an educator planning to share any of Projecttahoe’s resources with teaching colleagues, we simply ask that you keep all page citations (copyright, lesson author information, etc.) intact on anything that you print to share. We want your colleagues/ students to know where these materials originally came from.
  • If you are a teacher trainer that is planning to share any of this website’s materials with teachers at trainings, we ask that you (1) keep all page citations intact on anything you reproduce from our site, and (2) contact us at, letting us know what state you will be doing your training in and how many teachers will be attending. We will use this information when applying for future grants that will help this website expand.
  • If you maintain a website intended for teachers, students, or writers, you may freely create hyperlinks to any of Projecttahoe’s materials or its sub-pages. You may not save any of our materials and post them at your website on your own server.
  • If you are a publisher wanting to reproduce any of this website’s materials, you must contact us at
  • If you wish to use any of Projecttahoe’s materials for any purpose other than those stated above, you must contact us at